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* Policy and Regulatory Aspects
* System Concepts and Licensing
* Global Forums
* Market Studies
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Policy and Regulatory Aspects

  • Formalization of Telkom Group (PT TELKOM Indonesia and its affiliates) Policy Guidance for Telecommunication Business Development Positioning Towards Convergence, 2011;

  • Providing Studies and Concept For the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (KemKominfo) Since 2005, interalia on: Radio Frequency Measurement Methodology, 2012; Formulation of Radio Transmission Specification Technique, 2012; Long Range Identification Tracking (LRTI) Tool and Device, 2011; Formulation of Radio Access Technical Specification, 2010; Mandatory Implementation on National Standardization of Indonesia (SNI) for Telecommunication Equipments, 2008; Frequency Operational Right Fee (BHP Frekuensi), 2007; Next Generation Network (NGN) Implementation, 2007; Master Plan For USO, 2006; Roadmap For Telecommunication Industry, 2006; Government Policies/Regulations on the Development of Telecommunications Backbone Network in Indonesia, 2006; Macro Design of the PALAPA 02 RING, 2005; Technical Telecommunication Infrastructures Architectural Standards for Next Generation Network (NGN), 2005; Radiocommunication Spectrum Frequency Policy for Global Frequency Planning related to National Interests, 2005;

  • Providing the Department of Tourism, Posts and Telecommunications (MTPT) of Indonesia (presently KemKominfo), a Draft Master Plan on the Government Policy on Telecommunications by Satellite, 1999;

  • Providing assistance to the Directorate for Frequency Management for the concept and recommendations for the improvement of the National Frequency Allocation Plan and Utilization, 1995 - present;

  • Prepare a study and draft regulation for PT. Telecom Netherlands on the practical application of "Contract Management" - a framework for cooperation between the Organizing Body (e.g. TELKOM) and a private company in accordance with the stipulation of Ministerial Degree No. KM.39/KS.002/MPPT-93for submission to the concerned authorities for, 1998;

  • Provide a regulatory concept for Dimhart & Associates Consulting Company in preparing a new interface policy and regulatory framework for PT. INDOSAT in obtaining a more economical access to and from the national network provided by PT. TELKOM, 1995;

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System Concepts and Licensing

  • Providing Consulting Services to foreign global companies on studies and licensing in securing the access to the national network, and securing partners in Indonesia and surrounding countries, including Iridium, Teledesic and Final Analysis, 1995 - present;

  • Providing MASTEL - the Indonesian Telecommunication Association, for submission to the government, a concept on Tele-service Centers (CTC) to every village, as an effective and attractive telecom means for the village community - including internet, e-commerce, tele-education and tele-medicine, to boost small and medium scale industries, elevate the living standards of the rural population, and inherently the future potential manpower of the nation, 1999;

  • Assist ESATEL, a U.S. telecommunication consulting company in establishing broadband link for U.S. embassies, 2000.

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Global Forums

  • Providing advice and assist the preparation of the Indonesian national delegation to international forums such as the ITU and APT, including the preparation of contribution papers, 1995 - present;

  • Supporting global companies in obtaining additional frequency allocations at ITU and APT forums, particularly those technologies that facilitate economic and effective access to vast outstretched areas and communities, including IRIDIUM, GLOBALSTAR, TELEDESIC, FINAL ANALYSIS, and WINSTAR, 1995 - 2003;

  • Advisor on telecommunication foreign policies to DG Postel, 2004.

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Market Studies

  • Providing market surveys and studies on existing telecommunication industry trends;

  • Producing a comprehensive draft study report on Indonesia's Telecom Market.

  • Providing DATAPRO - a subsidiary of McGraw Hill, a complete market survey on the Indonesian telecommunication industry (services and manufacturers), 1996;

  • Producing a study report on Indonesia's Telecom Market for providing limited market surveys, 1996-97;

  • Relevant reports on Wireless Local Loop and Traffic Trends for various Telecommunication Services for DATAPRO; in 1996-97;

  • Providing Gartner Group a Study Report and market survey on development trends of wireless services and call-centers for the, in 1998;

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