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"Main Goal as an Infocom company in a developing country"

PT. Tiara Titian Telekomunikasi or TT-Tel, is an InfoCom or information-communication consulting company, established to support the development of applied and new technologies, cost effective infocom networks and services, and a conducive regulatory environment.

Notwithstanding its common interest to enhance effective Infocom access in cities and metropolitan areas, TT-Tel has a special focus for rapid extention of its reach to villages and remote places, nation-wide.


Investment Opportunity :

It is most urgent that Indonesia should have her Cincin Serat Optik Nasional (CSO-N) or National Optical Fiber Ring, as a backbone to support all services throughout Indonesia, it was early preferably around 2009/2010.

The government adopted the concept in 2005 and named it "PALAPA RING", followed by a formal macro design and feasibility study It was then offered to domestic operators and investors. A consortium has been established among the stakeholders commencing with the development of the PALAPA RING in Eastern part of Indonesia.

The original CSO-N concept and PALAPA RING study was planned for a full IP network, with a final capacity of 300 to 3,000 Gbps providing easy and much more affordable access to all District capitals (ibukota Kabupaten). It would provide tremendous support in integrating all services, economically, as a backbone access for all networks, fixed, cellular and data/internet services.
However until now the Palapa Ring has not been fully realized.  


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