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Directorate General POSTEL 1989

Directorate General POSTEL 1989, Usman - Posts, Sri Slameto - SecDitGen, SoekarnoAbdulrahman- DG, Arnold.Djiwatampu -Telecommunications, Abdul Muhaimin -Frequency

Plenipotentiary Conference, 1989, Nice

Plenipotentiary Conference, 1989, Nice. APhD, DG POSTEL S.Abdulrachman, MinisterforCommunications Soesilo Soedarman

As First Director of the ITU Bureau For Telecommunication Development (BDT)

Farewell Reception for Retiring Delegate of Netherlands, Chris v.Diepenbeek, during WRC-12, Geneva, 02-04-2012

25th Anniversary of the BDT Establishment

Four Previous Directors BDT & In-Offic , APhD, Hamedoune Toure, Brahima Sanou(inoffice), Admed Louyane, Sami Albasheer, 2017-10-13

Previous and in-office Directors of the BDT with the SecGen ITU, Houlin Zhao, Argentina, 2017-10-13

APhD with Minister of Samoa, staff and Ambassador of Indonesia for Argentina Jonny Sinaga, 2017-10-13

Award Presentation by IEEE COMSOC, in the field of Telecommunication Service 2017

Official IEEE COMSOC Award 2017 in the Field of Telecommunication Service, 5-12-18

The 2017 Award IEEE COMSOC, for Public Service in the Field of Telecommunication, 5-13-18

Acceptance Speech Award, with the Head of the Selection Committee, 5-12-18

Second APT Preparatory Group for WARC-19, APG19-2, Bali

Dr Arifin Nugroho Chairing Drafting Group Resolution 26, Deletion of Footnotes

Drafting Group at Second Meeting of APT Preparatory Group for WRC-19 (APG19-2), 27-07-17, Bali

Indonesia Delegation at APG19-2

23rd Meeting of APT Wireless Group. Da Nang, Vietnam

Group foto of AWG-23 Delegation, 09-04-18

Morning Indonesia Delegation Meeting before AWG Session, 2018-04-11

Indonesia Delegation, the evening before the last dary of AWG 23, 2018-04-12