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The PALAPA RING main backbone network, consisting of an integrated ring of rings submarine cable network, layed along the coasts of the major islands from the northern tip of Sumatra until the eastern border of West Papua, has an estimated total length of 35,000km.

Each ring would guarantee continuous access in case of failure at some point of the ring, and adequate capacity to support all high-speed and broadband traffic accessing the PALAPA RING.

High capacity links to each District, would facilitate overall low-cost access to the surrounding villages using wireless means. Hence, supporting and enhancing the USO program to all villages.

Interested investors, from the private sector as well as the local governments (PEMDA) are encouraged to take part in this national program. It would become a breakthrough for Indonesia leaping into the information age, allevating the living standards of the people in this information age, as well as providing an advantage in the global competition.

The general scheme of the PALAPA RING concept, has been estimated to cost totally $1,500 Million (USD), including the access links to all the more than 400 District Capitals. The implementioned would be on a phased basis within 3 (three) to 5 (five) years, and expected to render high rate of returns to investors. Great support have been shown for the accomplishment of the program by the community at large.

The government has coordinated the creation of a consortium consisting of six (6)entities, including all the major operators, for the initial implementation of the PALAPA RING in the eastern part of Indonesia.

We are confident that the complete Ring would be established by the consortium as well as other stakeholders by completing it with the western part of Indonesia which already has optical fiber networks of 4 operators.

This joint cooperation would benefit all stakeholders once their local networks are integrated into the PALAPA RING network. Furthermore this powerful backone would become an effective support for the Next Generation Network (NGN) requiring a high capacity network for its exploding traffic.

(this side still being developed)

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