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Partners with Consulting Companies
Access Partnership: The company provides its client a way to new ICT markets, and has experienced, multi-disciplinary, multilingual staff to devise and implement a strategy for resolving political, technical,and regulatory barriers to trade on five continents,Since 2000-present ;
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P.T. PAN System - a local telecommunication consulting company to study on Universal Service Obligation (USO) national policy for D.G. Postel,  2001;
 PSTC - a U.S. telecommunication consulting company in providing services to support global companies in obtaining additional frequency allocations and other services through ITU and APT forums, 1995 - 2003;
 ESATEL - a U.S. Telecommunication Company in establishing broadband links for Embassies,  2000;
PT Telecom Netherlands - Prepare a study and draft regulation on the practical application of "Contract Management" - a framework for cooperation the monopoly operator and private operators, 1998;
Dimhart & Associates -  a local consulting company, to provide a study concept in preparing a new network interface policy, 1995.
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President Director

Arnold Ph. Djiwatampu
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Associate Experts
TT-Tel has access to Indonesian and expatriate experts having availed themselves to assist the company on a project case basis. Following are some of the available associate experts.
Arifin Nugroho
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Iwan Krisnadi
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Bambang Setiawan
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Krishna Utami
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Retno Renggana
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Max Boli Sabon
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