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President Director

Arnold Ph. Djiwatampu
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Associate Experts
TT-Tel has access to Indonesian and expatriate experts having availed themselves to assist the company on a project case basis. Following are some of the available associate experts.
Arthur G. D. Morse
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John Colin Ure
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Paul Tan
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Agung Iriantoko
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Mas Wigrantoro Roes Setiyadi
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Hubertus Djalunijoto
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Partners with Consulting Companies
Cooperate with PSTC - a US Telecommunication Consulting Company in providing services to support global companies in obtaining additional frequency allocations and other services through ITU and APT forums, 1995 - present;
Assist ESATEL - a US Telecommunication Company in establishing broadband links for Embassies;
Prepare a study and draft regulation for PT. Telecom Netherlands on the practical application of "Contract Management" - a framework for cooperation the monopoly operator and private operators, 1998;
Provide a study concept for Dimhart & Associates - an Indonesian Consulting Company, in preparing a new network interface policy, 1995.
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  Permanent Staff and Experts

F.B. Moerwanto

Director for Development of TT-Tel
Coordinator for new technology development
(e.g. High Density Fixed Services or HDFS, High Altitude Platforms or HAPS, Community Teleservice Centers or CTC), frequency allocations, and medium to long-term infocom market strategy.


Mr. Moerwanto has joined TT-Tel since the middle of 1998 and became afterwards Director for Development.

As member of the Indonesian Delegation to the I.T.U. (International Telecommunication Union) conferences, he participated in the ITU related activities, in national coordination meetings, regional conferences (APT) and the WRC (World Radio Conference). He assists in promoting new technologies, among others for (wireless) broadband facilities as well as technologies to serve rural and remote areas.

He has assisted in preparing a Draft Master Plan for the Ministry for Tourism, Posts and Telecommunications concerning the Policy and the Regulatory Framework for Telecommunications by Satellite;

He has lead the market potential survey studies for the Gartner Group, Singapore on GSM/CDMA and Call Centers in Indonesia;

He had been instrumental in preparing a draft plan on the Community Teleservice Center (CTC) for MASTEL - the Indonesian Telecommunication Society, for rural integrated development applications in Indonesia;

His last assignment at PT Elektrindo Nusantara (private telecommunications manufacturing company), 1986-97, covers interalia the position of Assistant to the Board of Directors responsible:

For Liaison to government institutions,
telecommunication operating companies and other private manufacturing and trading companies, related telecom associations;
Strategic Business Development Analysis:
develop corporate business development plans of the company;
As Assistant to Director, Technology Development of Elektrindo he was responsible for Liaison to government institutions and telecommunication companies and Technical Support Services;

His previous assignment in the Government covered interalia Director for Radio Monitoring, 1985-86. He was charged with developing national monitoring system and services (planning, regulatory concept development, oversee operations);

As Head of the Transmission Section at the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunications, 1984-85, he was responsible for the overseeing the transmission development of the national telecommunication network;

During 1984-85 he was charged as Advisor to the Minister as Member of the Independent Committee for Worldwide Telecommunications Development (the Maitland Commission); participated to all five (5) Conferences of the ICWTD in Geneva, Munchen, Kent (UK), Tanzania, and Bali. He also acts as the Minister's speechwriter for various international Conferences;

He was Counterpart to Palapa System Expansion Consultant and Engineering staff, Palapa Project (terrestrial access links), 1974-84;

He held various positions at PT TELKOM (previously PN POSTEL, then PERUMTEL) since he joined in 1956 until 1974, interalia: as Radio installation and commissioning team leader for installation of VHF/UHF/Microwave Radio systems;

Counterpart to Australian telecommunication Mission for assisting planning of national network development;

Project Leader, Trans Sumatra Microwave, responsible for Project implementation Microwave radio surveys and assisting planning activities.

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