Market Studies & Global Forums

  • Providing advice and assist the preparation of the Indonesian national delegation to international forums such as the ITU and APT, including the preparation of contribution papers, 1995 – present;
  • Supporting global companies in obtaining additional frequency allocations at ITU and APT forums, particularly those technologies that facilitate economic and effective access to vast outstretched areas and communities, including IRIDIUM, GLOBALSTAR, TELEDESIC, FINAL ANALYSIS, and WINSTAR, 1995 – 2003;

  • Advisor on telecommunication foreign policies to DG Postel, 2004.

  • Providing market surveys and studies on existing telecommunication industry trends;
  • Producing a comprehensive draft study report on Indonesia’s Telecom Market.
  • Providing DATAPRO – a subsidiary of McGraw Hill, a complete market survey on the Indonesian telecommunication industry (services and manufacturers), 1996;
  • Producing a study report on Indonesia’s Telecom Market for providing limited market surveys, 1996-97;
  • Relevant reports on Wireless Local Loop and Traffic Trends for various Telecommunication Services for DATAPRO; in 1996-1997;
  • Providing Gartner Group a Study Report and market survey on development trends of wireless services and call-centers for the, in 1998;